Trying To Be Positive When Considering That Tom Wilson Is Trash

Hi I’m Slodes, You may remember me from such blog posts as “An Objective List Of Things You’ll Hate About The Capitals” or “How to Lazily Borrow Old Simpsons Jokes”. I’ve taken a more positive approach to playoff hockey this year and haven’t gone looking for things to hate, but then I was reminded of... Continue Reading →


Steady As Sam Goes: The Stoic Darnold Is Exactly What The New York Jets Need

Oh, I’ve been that guy. The one that wanted to see Mark Sanchez suit up in the green and white despite his college coach telling him it was too early to go, the one that was rooting for Tim Tebow to get a few shots under center for that cup of coffee he was up... Continue Reading →

Savoring Safi Juice in Bloomfield

Photos via & Fitt PittsburghI didn't realize that Pittsburgh Magazine had just published a piece on Safi Juice when I decided to stop into the Penn Avenue spot after one of my runs last week. Its vibrant green storefront had been calling out to me for months, and last time I passed it I reminded myself... Continue Reading →

Have You Been Introduced To IKEA Heights?

It's been nearly 10 years, and still Ikea Heights haven't taken YouTube or Internet world by storm.And it should, because it's one the levels of "Old Greg" and that ludicrous wedding video of the wedding party that danced to the altar that The Office also parodied. Well get this - IKEA Heights cannot be parodied.... Continue Reading →

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